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    Men’s Formal Wear / Suits / Shoes and Accessories

    Men’s Formal Wear / Suits / Shoes and Accessories

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    Project description:

    I am looking to source a trusted, reliable and competitively priced manufacturer, wholesaler or wholesale distributor that can provide a range of Men’s Formal Suits and Accessories.

    I am in in the process of opening a men’s Formal Wear store in conjunction with a bridal store in the same premises.

    To to begin with I’d like to keep the range relitevely small and simplistic with popular colours such as black, grey, navy being prominent. To begin with I’d like to keep the range to a maximum of 6 different variations. I’d like to offer the same suits in different fits (ultra slim, slim, regular etc).

    The style of suits on offer should be a mixture of classic designs, black tie suits (Penguin) etc. I am open to understanding what is available in terms of material and the finish of suits. I’m also flexible in terms of number of pockets, breasted / double breasted, 3 piece suit etc…

    id like the range to cater for both adult and children sizes. I’d like the supplier to be able to offer mix and match suits and trousers sizes and not be confined to ordering a 1 size fit suit.

    In regards to cost, I’d like to offer my customers an entry prices suit at the lowest cost, but also provide a mid range option for them. Due to the location of the shop I would not want to offer anything of premium quality as it’ll be difficult to sell at the required price point.

    In regards to quantities my preference would be to have the option to take delivery of sample suits that are on offer that can be returned FOC before a commitment on quantities are made. Once I have approved the suits I’d expect my initial stock order to be for around 250 suits in 6 different styles.

    i am aiming to open the store in June/July 2019 and would require samples to be approved and bulk delivered before this date.

    I am not restricted as to where the suits are manufactured but would need to understand what lead times would be associated with replenishment orders and replacements and also if there is an account manager that can be contacted for support.

    Further to the above I am also intending on stocking men’s Formal footwear and accessories such and belts, socks, braces etc. Preferably if this could be sourced through one supplier it would be a benefit.


    1. Shahnoor Hossain

      can you provide us measurement chart, fabrci and trim detail, So that I can quote. But everything we can ship out the goods end of June2019

      • Cei Mason

        Hi, do you have a website I can refer to so that I can understand what you offer?

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    Ishant Jain
    Blue stag manufactur
    15 Years

    we are the manufacturer of Men/ Boys jacket , suits, ethnic wear. We have our office in Gandhi Nagar delhi. We have a Brand Name “BLUE STAG” and we are running from last 15 Years.
    We have low cost with high quality as compare to others. We have been associated with big names in our industry like raymonds, meena bazar, manyawar etc. We have ready samples at all time and can be change according to the requirement.
    We always belive for satisfaction of quaility check of our product by client first and then associates with us.
    We are very flexible for design and changes.

    In Process
    krishna gowda
    jayalakshmi apparels
    20 Years


    Please let me know if you are interested to import from India?

    We can provide you the the product what you are looking for.

    Also can you send me your email id so that I can send you the ppt of the suits..

    Will wait to hear from you.


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    Ar Dahal

    Cei Mason

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