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    To achieve mutually beneficial relation, we need your interest towards our products as we are confident to provide you Polo Shirts T-shirts , Hoodies , Sweat Shirts , Sweet Pants , Shorts , cycling wear, Base Layers, Sublimation wear, Trousers , Leather jackets , Rash Guards, jeans, Pedy Jackets and all kind of Street Wear and Sports Wear Like American Football Uniform , Baseball Uniform , Basketball Uniform.

    Also we are dealing in all kinds of Gaa sliotars, Helmets, Hurling Grips, Key chains, Hurling Hurley’s, football, rugby ball, net ball , volley ball. We are also manufacturing baseball bats, base ball, baseball gloves, keeping gloves etc…….

    We are in this business from past several years. We are supplying our products in many countries. We also have a recommendation letter from our buyer about quality and quick service.

    You may visit our website www.mubariksons.comfor further details.

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    Adnan Mubarik

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