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    W-ARAIZ INSTRUMENTS Specialized in Manufacturing of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary and Beauty Instruments.

    W-ARAIZ Recognizing the needs of growing international market of Personal Care Implements, our company extended its best endeavors to bring most innovated stainless-steel applications for Surgical, Dental and Beauty Instruments requirements. Our mission is to improve surgical, dental and beauty instruments to make them best for end user. With our focus on sustainability, we have made our instruments reusable and cleanable, and ultimately more environmentally friendly.

    Our hard work is reflected in the quality of our products; we believe in our technology and represent this in our daily business activities. This allows us to deliver the best quality of instruments to our customers. Customers Satisfaction is our priority.

    W-ARAIZ INSTRUMENTS has the goal to become the worldwide leader in the development of minimally invasive surgical, dental & beauty instruments. We want to provide innovative tools that optimize and expand the performance to enhance the quality of care.

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